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219 Boys present #LOWLiFE ft. Tombz (Halloween Mix)

All good things must come to an end and we’re so thankful you’ve been getting low with us through it all! We’ve [...]

219 Boys present #LOWLiFE ft. Truth x Lies

From Insomniac Records to Medium Rare Recordings and more, we’re excited to finally have Truth x Lies, of our [...]

219 Boys present #LOWLiFE ft. Astronomar

We’re celebrating August and his birthday with the Main Course legend himself, Astronomar! With releases all over [...]

219 Boys present #LOWLiFE ft. MNNR

The man knows as MNNR has been banging it hard lately with releases on Confession, In/Rotation, Night Bass and Bite [...]

219 Boys present #LOWLiFE ft. Nostalgix

The one & only Nostalgix joins us on the #LOWLiFE this month! The Canadian based DJ/Producer has been on fire with [...]

219 Boys present #LOWLiFE ft. Niles Shepard

From Minneapolis, we’re proud to welcome fellow Discovery Project alum Niles Shepard to the #LOWLiFE this month! [...]

219 Boys present #LOWLiFE ft. Foundry

It’s the international production duo Foundry on #LOWLiFE this month! From labels like Broken, The Boathouse & the [...]

219 Boys present #LOWLiFE ft. VOUTI

We welcome the Finnish man VOUTI to the #LOWLiFE this month! His tracks, available on labels like Dim Mak, [...]

219 Boys present #LOWLiFE ft. Lozz

Welcome to 219 Day with Lozz all the way from Italy! We recently got into his tracks, including releases on Confession [...]

219 Boys present #LOWLiFE ft. Max Olsen

To kick off the new year we’ve got Moscow based Max Olsen, who we’ve been keeping tabs on for awhile. He’s been [...]

219 Boys present #LOWLiFE ft. Jay Dunham

To celebrate #50 and close out the decade, we’ve got the Belgian man known as Jay Dunham joining us on #LOWLiFE this [...]

219 Boys present #LOWLiFE ft. Purple Velvet Curtains

Killing the house and bass scene in the UK for awhile now, so we know he’ll feel right at home on the #LOWLiFE, [...]

219 Boys present #LOWLiFE ft. CLB

Straight outta Chicago it’s CLB, who’s been killing it on the house and breaks scene with releases on Psycho Disco, [...]

219 Boys present #LOWLiFE ft. Arnold & Lane

LA based duo Arnold & Lane has been making noise lately, and we’re loving their recent releases on Psycho Disco, [...]

219 Boys present #LOWLiFE ft. EMUH

This month we welcome EMUH to the decks! Originally from Seattle, he brings his quirky tech house vibes from Box of [...]

219 Boys present #LOWLiFE ft. SODF

This month, SODF takes over the decks on the #LOWLiFE !! With tracks out on Medium Rare Records, Sinden’s Houseline [...]

219 Boys present #LOWLiFE ft. Shdws

We’re proud to welcome fellow Bay Area SF homie Shdws to the #LOWLiFE this month. With his debut release out on Night [...]

219 Boys present #LOWLiFE ft. Blossom

This month on #LOWLiFE we’re going to try and keep those EDC vibes going for you, so to help, we’re proud to [...]

219 Boys present #LOWLiFE ft. Lowdown

A new month with a fresh batch of tunes, we’re stoked to get low & welcome Lowdown to the #LOWLiFE !! He brings [...]

219 Boys present #LOWLiFE ft. Aylen

Fellow Audiophile XXL artist Aylen is in the house with the guest mix this month! A part of our sets from the moment we [...]

219 Boys present #LOWLiFE ft. AC Slater

Celebrating 219 Day with us is our good friend and Night Bass label boss, a man who needs very little introduction, AC [...]

219 Boys present #LOWLiFE ft. MAXIMONO

Coming from Confession, This Ain't Bristol, CUFF and more we're kicking off the year of 2k19 with none other than [...]

219 Boys present #LOWLiFE ft. Kendoll

This month we have the homegirl & new Seven Eye crewmate Kendoll on the #LOWLiFE bringing her bangers from Night Bass, [...]

219 Boys present #LOWLiFE ft. Proper Villains

Comin' at you straight outta New York it's Proper Villains! With some of those techy sounds out now on Psycho Disco, [...]